Challenge Conventional Thinking Through Collaboration

1. Which elements do you deem essential in a successful collaborative practice between organisations and sectors?

It”s essential to bring together knowledge and experience (from politicians, government, users, and citizens) around a common objective and to create tailored solutions. To do this, you need to guarantee a culture of trust so that you can disrupt conventional thinking between organisations, professionals, and citizens. You also need to take time to develop a group of actors working in cohesion to ensure implementation over the long-term.

2. What are you looking for in the submissions for this category?

I”m looking for projects and approaches that involve a wide variety of stakeholders, taking creative approaches to harnessing collective knowledge, and have long-lasting impacts on organisations.

3. What do you think is the added value of collaborative practices?

Collaborative practices when well implemented, can transform the development and testing of social policies in a more inclusive way. They allow you to combine knowledge and energy to improve the impact and quality of public services.

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Marie-Automne Thepot
Head of Innovation for the City of Paris