Workforce Support

Supporting and training the workforce at local level is central to ensuring social services are responsive to and can address the unique needs of people in the community. This Award honours social services organisations that have positively impacted their workforce and empowered neighbourhood networks to support the provision of community-centred care.

Specific examples of applications may include:

  • Education and development of inclusive community programmes for staff;
  • Inclusive leadership and management programmes;
  • New professional roles to promote more inclusive communities and neighbourhoods;
  • Self-governing teams;
  • Neighbourhood & informal care training and support programmes;
  • Support and training programmes for informal carers;
  • Innovative and inclusive recruitment and retention strategies.

Winner of the 2023 Workforce Support Award

PYCIPEDIA: Knowledge Sharing Platform to Connect Specialist Social Workers

Organisation: Linköping Municipality R&D Centre & IT University of Copenhagen

Country: Sweden

Website 1:

Website 2:

In Sweden, many municipalities have only one or two social workers trained in supporting parents with intellectual disabilities in their parenting role using the Parenting Young Children methodology. However, each social worker was working rather independently and there was limited peer support, sharing of best practice, and easy access to specialist training materials. To better support the social workers the wiki-type collaborative platform PYCIPEDIA was developed allowing social workers across Sweden to connect, and to create, browse, edit, and share training materials with each other and directly with parents. The platform has almost 100 registered social workers from 26 municipalities who engage in content development and online sharing. They have provided positive feedback on how they use the materials created and uploaded by other social workers, and how they are learning and being inspired by each other.