Excellence in Communities

Within urban and rural areas, there are many unique neighbourhoods and communities with diverse needs and preferences. Taking a holistic integrated approach to delivering social services within these areas means implementing a framework which can respond to the different set of needs across different neighbourhoods. With this headline award, ESN seeks to recognise organisations that are outstanding in crafting inclusive and resilient neighbourhoods and communities, ensuring that all residents’ rights, choices and independence are valued and respected.

This Award can be awarded to a project from all the applications that were submitted in the categories above. The shortlisted projects will showcase area wide integrated frameworks that support diverse communities and neighbourhoods.

The communities that will appear on this shortlist will be nominated by the judges evaluating the applications submitted to the other 5 categories. The highest scored applications nominated for this award by the judges will appear on this shortlist.

Winner of the 2023 Excellence in Cities Award

Social Atelier

Organisation: City of Osijek

Country: Croatia

Website: https://www.dkolektiv.hr/

The Social Atelier was established through an ongoing successful collaboration between the City of Osijek and DKolektiv – organisation for social development. It tackles the growing divide and polarisation (social, political, generational, sectoral) and lack of dialogue within communities. By fostering dialogue, empowering disadvantaged, underrepresented, vulnerable and marginalised groups and promoting interdisciplinary problem-solving, it aims to create a more inclusive society. This community centre provides a platform for individuals to voice concerns, share experiences, and actively shape their futures, fostering positive social change through empowerment, collaboration, and evidence-based community work. Noteworthy achievements include the organisation of over 200 community activities, which actively involved the participation of more than 600 individuals, resulting in over 3,000 visits to the community centre.