Celebrating Innovation  and Excellence in Social Services

At the forefront of providing support to individuals, families and communities, particularly during times of crisis, social services are central to creating caring, inclusive, and productive societies.

The annual European Social Services Awards (ESSA) acknowledges outstanding achievements in social services. Organised by the European Social Network (ESN), the Awards shine a spotlight on successful new approaches and the extraordinary ongoing work of public social services managers, funders, planners, providers, and deliverers of social services, as well as providing opportunities for exchange and mutual learning to improve social work policies and practice.

· Gain recognition for your social services team

· Share your work with others

· Make new connections and partnerships with social services organisations across Europe.

Promoting Inclusive Communities

Inclusive communities refer to those where people can be fully involved in their spaces, places, activities and events regardless of age, ability, income or background. The 2024 Awards will honour practices and approaches that prioritise the engagement and local participation of vulnerable populations, collaboration across services to make it happen, and the empowerment of people in their communities, to enable inclusive, resilient, and sustainable neighbourhoods and communities.

Does your organisation work on making your community more inclusive?

Is your project innovative?

Does your project have positive impact on its beneficiaries and/or the local community?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then your organisation could apply for the 2024 European Social Services Awards!

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How to apply

Applications can be submitted in five categories.

The deadline for applications is 12 July 2024.

Applications will be shortlisted by an expert judging panel and the finalists will be put forward for an online public vote.

The winners will be announced at the European Social Services Awards Ceremony in Lisbon on 4-5 November 2024.



Discover the winners and shortlisted projects for each category.

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