2022 THEME

Innovation for Social Change

From the ageing of populations to the increase in social inequalities, to the impact that climate change has on local communities, social services face many global challenges. Most recently, the Covid-19 pandemic and the invasion of Ukraine have intensified pressure for social services to modernise and adapt in order to meet newly emerging social needs. The response of public social services to these challenges has shown that innovation is at their heart and that they are indeed capable of transforming to ensure adequate and sustainable services that enable people to live independent and better quality lives.

The theme for the 2022 edition of the European Social Services Awards is ‘Innovation for Social Change.’

The 2022 Awards will recognise the social services which have developed and implemented a new and innovative process, product, approach, model or programme that improves the services themselves or the lives of the populations they work with. This year’s Awards will give visibility to social services at the forefront of social innovation developing new, creative and inspiring solutions to a structural challenge, a deep-rooted problem or an emerging need.