Award-winners are selected in a two-step process, combining an expert selection with a community vote. This is to reflect the nature of ESN as a network of experts and a platform for the wider social service community.


Please submit your entry via the call for nominations form. You have the option to also include supporting material (photographs, data, press clippings, endorsements from other actors, or materials produced in the project that refers to the criteria for the category you are applying for). Entries are first checked by the ESN Secretariat to confirm that they are complete and fulfill the criteria for the category. You should select the award category you wish to be considered for, but the ESN Secretariat may propose your project for a different category if it is more fitting.


The applications are then passed on to the Selection Panel, who, after analysing the entries individually, will work together to select a shortlist of 5 nominations for each category.


The shortlisted entries are all invited to book two places for the awards ceremony, organised by ESN in early December. Nominees will present entries and all those attending the ceremony can vote for the winning entry in the Excellence award. The winner of this headline award will receive one free delegate fee to attend the European Social Services Conference.

Winners of all other categories will also be offered the possibility to present at the 28th European Social Services Conference that will take place in Hamburg on 8-10 July 2020.