Collaborative Practice

A cornerstone of person-centred care is the coordination between relevant organisations, services, and sectors to ensure the needs of people are met. This Award honours cooperative relationships between different levels of government, public agencies, services, third and private sector organisations that have led to the provision of person-centred care.


Specific examples of applications may include:

  • Partnership frameworks that foster constructive collaborative processes;
  • Jointly set-up service;
  • An agency pooling services or professionals from across agencies, sectors or budgets;
  • An integrated case management approach
“Only with collaboration, we can improve the quality of social services across Europe.  For our organisation, this award is recognition that we work well and professionally. We are proud that we were chosen from amongst the excellent projects that participated. The experience of the event itself is unforgettable in every way.”

Sandra Babič, Director of Pomurje Centre for Social Work, Slovenia

Winner of the 2022 Collaborative Practice Award together with the Association of Centres for Social Work, Slovenia