Digital Transformation

Digitalisation and technological tools can play a central role in delivering person-centred care and empowering people. This Award recognises technological and digital improvements that enable social services to provide care that is personalised, coordinated and enabling.


Specific examples of applications may include:

  • Welfare technology developed with a person-centred design;
  • Digital platforms to support people access social services or digital support for people using social services;
  • New technology to help professionals in their decision-making process or their day-to-day work;
  • IT case management to help professionals to better manage the specific situation of people using social services;
  • Assisted living technologies for people to remain in their homes and local communities;
  • New tools to improve communication of professionals with people using social services.
“It is incredibly exciting and stimulating for the employees who have worked on the project. Participating in the Awards broadens our knowledge of common social service challenges but also shows that we also have reason to be proud of our work.”

Eric Semb, Head of Department for Elderly Care, City of Helsingborg, Sweden

Winner of the 2022 Technology Tool Award