Excellence in Cities

Many of the social, environmental and economic challenges facing us today are exacerbated in cities, which are under pressure to respond to the diverse set of needs that arise as a result. With this headline award, ESN seeks to highlight the city that has been outstanding in Promoting Person-centred Care ensuring all their inhabitants’ rights, choices and independence are valued and respected.

The Excellence in Cities Award will be awarded to a project chosen from all the entries submitted by cities in each of the other categories.

“We chose to apply to the European Social Services Awards because we knew that the way we carry out our work is an example of a successful approach to combat the social isolation of young people with different mental and physical diagnoses. Taking part in the Awards has given us the ability to meet other people across Europe that struggle with the same issues as we do, which gives us a wider network to connect with, as well as the chance to participate in many other good projects in Europe.”

Lena Lindbom, Operations Manager; Per Arne Öbom, Unit Manager; Tina Sjöström, Game Manager/Support Assistant; The Gaming Club, Gothenberg City Council, Sweden

Winner of the 2022 Excellence Award