Supporting female graduates with disabilities into employment in Spain

By Fundación ONCE

Radia is the first national programme aimed at university women students with disabilities who will  be trained and employed in digital economy companies, with an innovative and successful methodology, as it is individualized and focused on the characteristics of each person. It combines theory, practice, mentoring and tutoring and has key allies for the professional inclusion  process: companies (only in 2020 –our first edition—15 companies joined).

The aim of this programme is to offer specific training in digital technology and to employ women with disabilities who are university graduates in digital work environments using an innovative methodology that combines:

1) Classroom and virtual training

2) Mentoring

3) Training internships in technical areas of some leading companies in their sector with the option of subsequent employment in those companies.

This annual programme involves 50 female university students with disabilities from all over Spain. It is divided into three phases: Brain Storm (26 masterclasses with high profile technological experts); Mentor Women (20 mentoring sessions with leading professionals in the field of technology) and Real Work (internships in leading companies in the field of technology). The three phases focus on the latest topics in digital transformation:AI, Cybersecurity and big data.

The intended impact is to increase the number of women in technology careers and specially to guarantee that women with disabilities have the opportunity to work in these highly skilled jobs. In addition, we involve companies in the training, recruitment and employment of people with disabilities, challenging role assumptions and breaking down stereotypes about the work capabilities of women with disabilities.

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