Research and Evaluation

Without a proper understanding of how a social problem arises, it can be difficult to come up with the right solution to address it. Backed with data, research provides this link to social services. This Award honours research that contributed to the development of evidence-based person-centred services.

Specific examples of applications may include

  • Evaluations of person-centred social services programmes;
  • Research (projects) on the topic and concept of person-centred care;
  • Return on investment studies on person-centred care;
  • Cost-benefits analyses of person-centred social services programmes.
“We are very proud that the DocRoom programme won the Research Project category. We believe that this award is a great opportunity to stimulate fruitful discussions around medical innovations in the social sector. In the times of permacrisis, any action that can raise the quality of health and social care for disadvantaged groups in our communities are crucial. We also wanted to gain recognition for our dedicated colleagues and research partners who are pioneers in a field where no-one had previous experience.”

Dr. Sándor Békási, Director and Chief Physician, Health Centre, Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta, Hungary

Winner of the 2022 Research Project Award