Service Delivery

Social services carry the responsibility to provide care to improve the lives of people in disadvantaged situations. This Award honours innovative social services’ programmes, measures or processes that take a person-centred approach to planning, designing and providing better quality services meeting the needs of people who require care and support.


Specific examples of applications may include:

  • Any service with a person-centred design methodology;
  • Programmes promoting choice and control, such as a personal budgets and personal care packages;
  • Family-based care programmes;
  • Community- and home-based care programmes;
  • Co-produced programmes that enable people who use services to become active participants in planning, delivery, and evaluation.
“The opportunity to take part in the 2022 European Social Services Awards gave us the chance to share our work with others, but more importantly to make connections and new partnerships with social care organisations across Europe.
At times, the work we do can be challenging and we can lose sight of why we do this. But, having an opportunity to showcase our work and for it to be received so positively has highlighted its importance and the need to continue to push forward, explore opportunities, be creative, and most importantly, be brave!”

Ashley Young, Head of Service, Simon Community Scotland, UK

Winner of the 2022 Service Delivery Award