Bent Greve is Professor in Social Science, focusing on welfare state analysis at the University of Roskilde, Denmark. His research interest focuses on the welfare state, and social and labour market policy, often from a comparative perspective. He has published extensively on social and labour market policy, social security, tax expenditures, public sector expenditures and financing of the welfare state. He is the editor of Social Policy & Administration.

Recent books include Rethinking Welfare and the Welfare State (2022), Edward Elgar, Myths, Narratives and the Welfare State (2021), Edward Elgar, Austerity, Retrenchment and the Welfare State (2020), and Edward Elgar Poverty. The Basics (2020), Routledge, Routledge International Handbook of Poverty (ed.) (2020), Routledge Welfare, Populism and Welfare Chauvinism (2019), Policy Press Routledge Handbook of the Welfare State (ed., 2nd Edition), (2019), Routledge, Multidimensional Inequalities, De Gruyter, 2021.