Workforce Support

Central to the delivery of person-centred care in social services is a well-performing and competent workforce that can understand and address the needs of the people they care for and support. This Award honours social services organisations that have nurtured their workforce  to support the provision of person-centred care.


Specific examples of applications may include:

  • Education, training and development programmes;
  • Inclusive leadership and management programmes;
  • New professional roles;
  • Innovative recruitment and retention strategies.


“The Awards are a unique opportunity to showcase and share significant social services actions and programmes with other European countries that aim to improve our society.  The best innovative practices from different countries and cultural heritages are shared with our European peers. In this way, we work together in facing global problems and finding solutions for them.”

Maica Gil, Head of Training and Professional Development Service & Maria José Espí, Technical Educational Specialist Regional Government for Catalonia, Spain

Winner of the 2022 Workforce Support Award